Composite materials


Composite materials are materials systems integrating two or more distinct constituents at any length scale, except at the molecular level. They enable an extra degree of freedom for engineering specific properties, such as high specific strength and modulus or resistance to corrosion, by leveraging the unique properties of constituent materials. Research on fiber-reinforced polymer matrix composites focuses on mechanical and thermal characterization, as well as the applications of such composites in optimal structural design.


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Equipment for the production

Equipment for the production fiberglass rebar
Equipment "Armplast" - a high-tech, economical and reliable equipment for the production of glass-fiber reinforcement. You will be able to produce up to 13 400 km per year fiberglass reinforcement on our...

Fibarglass mesh

The fiberglass mesh is made of fiberglass and epoxy resin, so it is much easier and convenient metal in use. The grid is an indispensable building material. Fiberglass mesh is a bars - bonded with each other, which form a very solid to all kinds...

Fiberglass anchor bolt

The modern building houses can not take place without the use of fiberglass anchors for masonry three-level brick walls. Composite materials are most suitable for the manufacture of composite anchors, because they have unique properties. Fiberglass...

Fiberglass rebar

Fiberglass reinforcement Armplast is available in several versions:
1) Fiberglass reinforcement with periodic profile
2) fiberglass reinforcement with mortar lining
3) fiberglass reinforcement with mortar lining and periodic profile

Fiberglass stakes for plants

Ten years consistently produce composite pegs, stakes fiberglass, trellises composite, fiberglass support for plants and other garden structures. We are the main supplier of the largest wineries, fruit nurseries, horticultural farms, garden centers and shops...

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