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Fibarglass mesh

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The fiberglass mesh is made of fiberglass and epoxy resin, so it is much easier and convenient metal in use. The grid is an indispensable building material. Fiberglass mesh is a bars — bonded with each other, which form a very solid to all kinds of mechanical and chemical influences bars. Application of composite mesh in 2 times reduces the formation of cracks. Widely used in the construction of roads, buildings of brick and stone, all kinds of floors, as well as casting concrete floors. High temperatures and an excessive amount of moisture is not afraid to fiberglass or basaltic grid, in contrast to its metal counterpart.

The properties of fiberglass mesh masonry, road:

Corrosion and chemical resistance

fiberglass unlike metal exhibits excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion from exposure to humid microclimate salts or chemicals. Due to this, thus enhancing the durability of the concrete slab, reinforced with a composite mesh


during research, it was determined that the net composite strength 3-4 times greater than a similar diameter of the metal mesh. Due to this, fiberglass mesh has a higher tensile strength and can withstand a greater load on the bending and stretching. Furthermore, granular coating that is applied to the mesh surface in the manufacturing process, provides high adhesion strength with concrete

Low thermal conductivity

the thermal conductivity of the composite fittings is approximately 100 times less than the warm-metal, and is 0.46 W / m². Thus, a composite mesh may be used to prevent the formation of «cold joints» within the structure


when compared to metal and composite grid of the same size, the composite net weight 6 times lighter than its metal counterpart, which greatly simplifies the construction and assembly works


Mason’s net — an extremely durable material that does not lose its properties for a long time. According to research by British scientists, the 100-year period of declining strength composite reinforcement ratio is 1.25, ie the strength of the material is maintained at 79.6% of the original level

Also masonry fiberglass mesh is not electrified, it is not magnetized, has excellent resistance to vibrations and maintains its shape even during the destruction of the concrete structure, slowing thus further destruction of the concrete.

Scope of use fiberglass mesh masonry, road

Thanks to the unique properties of composite reinforcement, it can be used in virtually all areas of construction. The most justifiable use of fiberglass masonry grid in wet conditions, while creating facilities for chemical production and waste water treatment and hydraulic works, but mesh reinforcement Armplast well proven in other types of construction industry:

Fibarglass mesh

The housing

The housing fiberglass mesh Armplast has proven itself as a reinforcement to the basement, even those located below the groundwater level. It can be used for strengthening masonry walls, for the reinforcement of floors and ceilings, as well as the creation of decorative elements of plaster or concrete — columns, balustrades, bas-reliefs, etc.

Fibarglass mesh

In the construction industry

In the construction industry composite rebar has found its application in the construction of buildings and constructions of concrete — to strengthen the internal and external wall panels, beams, floors, ceilings. Also it is used in the reinforcement of brick and stone buildings, and pouring foundations. Masonry grid of basalt perfect as reinforcement for various hydraulic works and coastal structures.

Fibarglass mesh

In road construction

In road construction Armplast grid can be used as a basis for reinforcing road plates and bridges, to create barriers for motorways and railways, as well as to strengthen the roadway roads.

Description fiberglass mesh masonry, road Armplast

The grid-based Armplast — fiberglass and basalt rods of circular cross section, which are arranged perpendicular to each other and firmly fixed to each other at the connection points. The cells in the grid square mostly minimum size — 50×50 mm, and products produced but with larger cells. Composite mesh is usually made in the form of rolls or cards (sheets). mesh width can be up to 2 meters, while the length can be any.

Masonry grid Armplast has all the necessary permits, the production process is certified in accordance with international standards ISO 9001: 2008 by TUV Cert.

Features and specifications of basalt mesh construction, road

Basalt construction mesh used for reinforcement in masonry, plastering and road robot. It is characterized by particularly strong due to the basis of basalt. Basalt mesh compared with the metal has many advantages, since it is composed of solid basalt rock, it is not subject to corrosion and chemical compounds, as well as very durable. The thermal conductivity of basaltic grid is much less than that of metal, so there is no problem with the cold bridges with reinforcement Foam concrete and masonry. It is also worth noting its high resistance to aggressive media, ie basalt construction masonry grid does not responds to the impact of the concrete. Since the composite basalt mesh is lightweight, it is very convenient to carry and cost effective in comparison with their metal counterparts.