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Fiberglass anchor bolt

Fiberglass anchor bolt

The modern building houses can not take place without the use of fiberglass anchors for masonry three-level brick walls. Composite materials are most suitable for the manufacture of composite anchors, because they have unique properties. Fiberglass anchor bolts are the most popular in the world, because they have several advantages:

Energy efficiency

Fiberglass anchor increase the level of thermal efficiency of the building by 35%


Fiberglass anchor of composite materials do not corrode, so their lifespan is much longer


The unique structure of the internal fibers of fiberglass anchors makes them resistant to mechanical damage

Low weight

Unlike the heavy metal structures, composite wall anchors did not aggravate

Easy to install

GRP anchors are very comfortable


GRP anchors used for cottage, low-rise and multi-storey building

Fiberglass anchor bolt

GRP anchors look like smooth rods of circular cross section with sand anchors. Rod length may vary depending on the characteristics of a structure. We produce fiberglass rock bolts of different sizes and diameters, so here you will find the perfect solution for your facility. The company’s consultants will help you determine the right size and diameter fiberglass anchors and calculate the required amount. We follow closely the quality of all products, so do test samples of each batch of glass-plastic flexible ties.

GRP anchors Armplast resistant to alkaline concrete environment, radio waves and magnitoenertny and have a low specific weight. This reduces the load on the design and make it more durable and long lasting.

Available in fiberglass anchor diameters from 4 mm to 8 mm. We offer fiberglass anchors on your terms of reference.