Armplast - Factory composite materials.
The plant Armplast produces a composite reinforcement, composite mesh, flexible communications and equipment for the production of composite materials since 2006. We conduct regular testing of our products, and therefore the production of Armplast enjoys the confidence of consumers.
Fiberglass Armplast fittings made from the highest quality raw materials. We are proud of the quality of our products, because we use the best quality components to produce. We have created a laboratory for improving the performance of our products. We pass our technology partners.
We work with partners on the domestic and foreign markets.
The plant Armplast sells modern high-tech equipment for the production of composite reinforcement, composite mesh and flexible connections for more than 6 years. Equipment Armplast high performance, efficiency, ease of use, service and quality products.

Order equipment to start producing high-quality fittings

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