Equipment for the production fiberglass mesh

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Equipment sales in Russia and the Nizhny Novgorod deals with a small number of companies. Armplast Group of companies provides the opportunity to start their own business in the field of production and with great success to enter the regional market.

Our company sells equipment for the production of glass-fiber reinforcement. Fiberglass reinforcement - a high-tech product, the demand for which is growing every day, but the offer is on the level of origin.

Sell equipment can any company, but provide their customers necessary for the successful launch of the package, only a company that has experience in this market, professional and qualified staff, as well as an impeccable reputation among customers. Group Armplast meets all the criteria and guarantees high quality of all its products.

Equipment for the production fiberglass meshequipments for you

Armplast sale and supply of equipment for the production of composite mesh glass roving and basalt roving. The grid is used as a reinforcing element for the construction work. The shape of composite mesh cells are usually divided into: a composite mesh with square mesh, composite mesh with rectangular cells. Composite mesh is available in the form of maps (sheets) and rolls. mesh width of up to 1000 mm. The diameter of the rod up to 5 mm.

Equipment for the production fiberglass mesh
  • 1
    A Creel for mounting the spools of roving
  • 2
    Impregnating bath with tensioning device
  • 3
    Knot twist
  • 4
    The node of the cover
  • 5
    The chamber of polymerization
  • 6
    Cooling bath
  • 7
    Haul-off unit
  • 8
    Cutting device

Equipment characteristics

Length, width, height:
14 x 1.5 x 2 m
1 meters per minute
Work speed
up to 2 running meters per minute
2 operators are enough to service the line
Warranty - 1 year


Armplast sale and supply of products to anywhere in the world. We have already successfully supply products in Egypt, Tunisia, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, and other Middle East countries, North Africa and Latin America.

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